Sunday, October 30, 2011

Noah's Ordeal: Day One - Labor and Birth

This is a journal entry written 2 days after Noah was born, We still didnt know why he was having neonatal seizures or really much of anything at this point. 

Katie, my wife, went into the doctors around 1 PM on Wednesday the 12th. She wasnt sure if her water had actually broke so she just went herself and told me to stay home...I thought this was strange but just went with what she said. A couple hours later she called me and said they were keeping her and would be inducing her.
I got up there ASAP with all of our stuff and the fun began. and went...and went...she got very close to "ready" but then just hung there for hours and hours. She didnt even start actually pushing until about 9 AM the next morning. Then that went on for hours! Noah's heart rate held up perfectly the whole time. but when he finally made his appearance things got interesting.
He was not crying at birth, and didnt for hours...they put him on the cart and had to suck him out and use that pump thing to get him to breath. at first they were concerned because he was very limp, or hypotonic. however his color and muscle tone quickly improved and the muscle tone went a little too far and he was what they call Hypertonic. Someone from the "special care nursery" came down to give her opinion and she said that they would take him and just make sure everything was fine. He was held down there for a while and hooked up to a couple monitors to make sure everything was fine. He remained very hypertonic and was very irritable to the touch. And once he figured out how to cry he really used it!
He was lacking a gag reflex for quite a while, but eventually it kicked in. They tried feeding him and he took about a half an ounce, but soon spit it all back up. Later that night, after being awake for almost 2 full days we went down and held him for the first...and only time to date. We tried to bottle feed him which once again ended up right back outside of him.
The doctors suggested we both get some rest and see how hes doing in the morning....We never saw what happened next coming.

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