Monday, October 31, 2011

Noah's Ordeal: Day Two - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back...

This entry was written on October 16th, 3 days after Noah was born.

After passing out at about 8:30 PM we were woke by a nurse telling us that during the night, while they were observing Noah, he had a seizure.
That was never the news I thought I would wake up to. We hurried down to the special care unit to be with him and spent most of the morning just watching him. They started an anti-seizure medication, Phenobarbitol and called for an EEG.
Katies primary doctor (she didn't deliver) showed up and explained the situation a little bit and said that they would do all they could to make sure we could stay there with him a little longer than the normal hospital stay. But very quickly our plans changed again.
The SCU doctor came down and told us that it would be in our best interest to have little Noah transferred to a different hospital with a full NICU (Neonatal Incentive Care Unit) We chose University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor due to is proximity to our home and their GREAT reputation. (one of the top hospitals in the country!)
The doctors started the EEG on Noah while still at the first hospital, which showed that he was having many seizures. Nearly back to back right before his transfer team got there. His eyes would blink, his lips would move, his arm would twitch up and down. mostly on one side of his body but sometimes both. They had just finished the EEG when the transport team from U of M showed up to put him into a big incubator thing and drive him to their hospital. He went by ambulance rather than helicopter, but it was the same team that would have come if he were going by air.
They explained we would have some time to eat lunch or something while they got him set up before we could see him. So we ran home and said hello to the pups, Itook a long overdue shower and grabbed some food and right as we finished eating they said he was set. So we went down to Ann Arbor to see him. It is only a 20-25 minute drive from our home so its not all that bad.
He had had a couple seizures while in transit and they were doing their best to get them under control by increasing his phenobarbitol dosage. it was madness most of the day. Meeting every doctor and nurse as well as talking with the social worker and all of that. But so far this hospital as been amazing at keeping us informed and making sure everything is fine. As well as offering all sorts of services to us to help us cope with this mess...
He was hooked up to an EEG and given a new medication in addition to the first one and it seemed to be working. So at around 10:30 PM one of the nurses basically kicked us out for our own good. Katie had given birth not even 24 hours before and needed some rest so we went home and got some sleep.
Noah was supposed to get an MRI first thing in the morning and if we showed up between 9:30 and 10 we would get to see him and maybe hold him a bit, things were looking up.
but life has a way of throwing you curve balls...

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