Sunday, November 27, 2011

Noah at 7 Weeks

Whether i can fathom it or not, our little Noah is now 7 weeks old. It is getting harder and harder to believe that he is the same baby that spent the first week of his life almost entirely unconscious. He has come so far in such a short time and things are a lot different than they were when i last wrote. In the last three and a half weeks some concerns have disappeared and others have materialized in their place.

When he was getting pretty skinny
But first, the good news: As i mentioned last time, Noah wasn't gaining weight to his doctors liking. This trend continued at least a few more days. Getting to a point where i was actually concerned when looking at him. he was still acting healthy but he didn't have much fat left on him. He was getting pretty skinny and i was probably a day from taking him in to ask what to do, and then he started eating. and eating...and eating some more. All of the sudden the formula was agreeing with him and he went to town! We went from hoping he would keep 2 ounces down to giving him 4-6 every 2 hours, if not more. His weight quickly rebounded and we have a happy, plump little guy today.

Another concern i mentioned a while back was his thumb grasping. This is 100% gone from my mind now. Noah is now using his thumbs and other digits just fine now. He grabs on to your finger, your shirt, moms  name it! I was glad to clear that one from my mind. Not being able to use your hands properly would have been a big hurdle in a child's life.

Noah has been on two medications since he was sent home, Phenobarbital and Keppra (levetiracetam). I am glad to announce that he has been weened off and no longer needs the Phenobarbital! Which with no signs of new seizures is great news! Phenobarbital, while effective, comes with some hefty side effects. Mostly it acts as a sedative. And let me tell you, now that he is off it completely we can really tell the difference. He is still taking the Keppra two times a day, and will be until further neurological work is done. 

And one more tid bit of good news. Katie and I have been adamant in making sure Noah gets his exercises. Which has lead to a strong baby! Boy can this guy kick! We can hold him up and he will kick out his legs against whatever he is against and stand up. (obviously supported by us)   But its not just a quick little kick, he will hold himself there for a while, sometimes minutes. He almost looks proud of himself when he does it too. This however has become an issue when trying to burp him. We prefer to hold him in a sitting position and support his head and burp that way. Well he gets upset when you take that bottle away and kicks away, nearly escaping our grasp. DO NOT mess with this baby when hes hungry! lol i know is the case, not all of the news will be of the happy sort. 

Katie and I, as well as Noah's doctor are concerned about his vision. I know I said i was less concerned about this, but things change. Noah seems to have trouble following things with his eyes. He is far more interested in lights or just whatever is to his side. He is commonly just staring off somewhere. This isn't to say he doesn't look around, he does, but my main concern isn't his vision. But his understanding that his vision is a way to interact with the world around him. His doctors have also shown concern for this as well, and made an opthamologist appointment to see what they think. I have come to understand that this isn't extremely uncommon in children his age, but considering his condition they just want to be sure. 

Another point of concern is he still seems a little hyper-tonic on his left side. The doctors and neurologists mentioned that this may be an issue. However early intervention is the best medicine in something like this. We have an appointment with "Early on" this week where they will evaluate his condition and needs. Deciding what treatments will best benefit him in the future. 

We just have to keep rolling with the punches when it comes to Noah's development. Things may be good for him now, but his development at 7 weeks hardly means he wont have some sort of problem later in life. However,  there is always a solution to every problem. And for what its worth...hope. And while i know hope doesn't fix anything, it does help you get through the things you just cant fix yourself.


  1. Hopefully your concerns about his vision will turn out to be unwarranted. Glad to hear the weight problem has reversed its self. Isn't it amazing how much babies change in just a short period of time?

  2. Glad to hear he is gaining weight and tolerating the formula.

    Sounds like more positive then negative and it sounds like you got things moving along in getting him any and all help he might need to succeed.

    Good luck and keep up the great job.

  3. Well said Ryan...thanks for the update! Laura


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