Sunday, November 6, 2011

Noah's Three 1/2 Week Progress

Well i was going to wait for a week before writing another update on Noah's progress, but a lot has changed in the past few days and i think it warrants documentation.
Last time I mentioned a few things that had me worried. Firstly the constant grasping of his thumbs. But not just grasping, keeping his thumbs tucked in tightly even when his other digits opened up. Well I am glad to say that while he still does this frequently, he has started moving his thumbs on his own.
Another thing I have noticed that i consider a good sign is that he is holding his head up when supported almost all the time. When i have him against my chest I hardly support his head. Really I just have my hand there to catch him if he were to let go, but he holds his head high almost all the time now. Also he is lifting his chest and head even better when laying on his stomach now. Which from everything I have read and been told is actually fairly early for an average child. 
And yet more good news in the past few days, I am doubting his vision less and less. One of the things we should be watching for is impaired vision due to a spot on the part of the brain that controls vision. But he has been observed on more than one occasion doing something that tells me he can see. When he is crying for his bottle he will calm the moment i hold a bottle in front of him. As well as appear to look right at said bottle. So either he can REALLY smell his food, or he can see it. as well as associate the sight a bottle with comfort and feeding. which is also a positive indication of his development!
However, just as i notice things that put my mind at ease as the days go by, i notice things that make me worry...There are a couple new concerns in my mind as far as possible problems.
The biggest problem is not an observation of my own, but of his doctor. They told us that Noah isnt gaining wait as steadily as he should be by now. They want him to gain 24-25 grams per day ( i think that was it) but hes only gaining 7... So we began giving him formula in addition to his mothers milk. We are alternating between the two and this has given rise to new problems. 

Noah doesn't seem to tolerate formula well. We had plenty of samples we got over the time Katie was pregnant, none of which seemed to work. He would vomit his feedings right back up. So we have now switched him to a Soy based formula and as of yet he is ok...but he gets into these fits where he eats FAR too fast and then spits it right back up...we have tried slower nipples but he still finds a way. Its not every time...but its no good when he does. 

Another possible problem i have noticed is the shaking of his arms when extended. When Noah is fully awake he will kick and extend his arms, like most babies do, but when his arms reach the point where they are fully extended they begin to shake or quiver. I don't know if this is normal, but it was obvious enough and frequent enough for me to take i will continue to watch this behavior to see if it worsens or goes away. Consulting his doctor if need be.

All in all our little boy seems to be doing well. But these first days are hardly telling of what may come our way in the future, but also very telling of simple things that he may be day at a time...


  1. Noah seems to be developing right on target. I am not sure why his doctor is so concerned with how much he gains per day. Breast fed babies often gain at a slower pace than formula fed. This causes many doctors to push supplemental formula when there may not be need. All five of my children gained slowly. With the exception of my son none of my children were even on the charts but they were healthy and not losing weight. Doctors need to consider family history and the activity level of the infant. Some babies squirm and cry more frequently than others and this burns calories that would otherwise turn into a weight gain.

  2. seems like things are progressing with Noah, which I am glad to hear. I hope you get the formula straightened out. Lots of babies spit up after they eat to fast. You will have to maybe give him breaks so that he does gulp it all down at once. Thanks for keeping us posted.


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