Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year For Noah

Noah had his first Early On appointment of the year yesterday. His mother and I were growing concerned about a few things we had noticed over the last two weeks and were getting a little anxious about this visit.

I was worried that she wouldnt get a good idea of his current state because he had been up for a while and I was expecting him to be pretty tired but he summoned up all the energy he needed...and then some! Noah was wonderful for her this time. He was wide awake and doing better at all the things we were worried about than he ever has. He was looking to the right quite a bit and using his right arm more than usual. These are two things we have grown very concerned about. Even though his physical rehab doctor said it was his left side we should worry about, his right has been the one that seems a bit off. We are starting to wonder if his condition is more widespread than the "hemipeligic" answer we were given before. His muscles seem tight on both sides of his body and he is actually using his left arm FAR more than his right. Which is supposed to be the opposite. When it comes to his legs he is flipped around. His right leg is kicking far more and used in general a lot more than his left. So we are a little confused about what all of this means.

But back to the appointment...

His therapist was amazed with his progress over the last two weeks. He did amazingly and was "talking" to her the entire time. He did great with his head turning as well as his tracking. Which we did explain comes and goes in spurts, but is over all getting better over time. We were told to work with his hands more. He still holds his thumbs inside his fists and doesn't tend to use them like he should. But after a good massage he does use them for a bit but slowly brings them back in.

All in all this appointment went very well. It doesn't mean that all of his issues are cleared up by any means. But it does give us hope that no matter what issues arise, he is strong enough to over come them given the right care and help along the way.

Noah has his optometrist appointment tomorrow. This is the big one in our minds due to a lot of the signs we are seeing. We are very concerned about how well he sees the world. We are hoping that this appointment will give us some answers as well as a way to try and move forward at a better rate than we currently are. Babies only develop things that they need or use, and without seeing well, it is hard to motivate a baby to do the things they need to do to develop properly. So if there is something wrong with his vision the sooner we find out the better.

One day at a time... 


  1. thanks for the update, like you said one day at a time. Sounds like he is doing well all the same. I hope things continue to improve for him as time moves forward.

  2. I am thinking maybe he will be a lefty that could be the answer,

  3. Glad that appointment went well, and I hope the vision one does too!

  4. Hang in there Ryan, you are doing all you can.

  5. Glad the appointment went well.

  6. Ryan, Parenting is a Challenge in its own right, but to have to deal with Medical problems from the Beginning is even rougher.
    Love does Heal.
    I wish You and Katie the Best in Helping little
    'Noah' in Growing and over coming his Health problems!

  7. Great news, each visit seems to be positive. You're obviously doing all the right things.

  8. Even when a baby has no known issues it can be difficult for the parents to judge if they are developing normally. Each baby is unique and Noah seems to be finding his own stride. With parents who are as proactive as Noah's he will surely develop to his fullest potential.

  9. Dear Ryan I admire you and Katie for doing all you can to help Noah develop, in putting your hopes and dreams on the back burner for now and being such great parents who will do all they can so their little son goes through life with a good self esteem.......



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