Friday, January 6, 2012

Noah's Eyes Checked Out

Today Noah had an appointment with the optometrist. A few of his doctors, as well as his loving parents, were concerned about how he may be seeing. While testing an infants vision cannot be as effective as testing an adults, there is still a lot that the doctor can tell us.

What the doctor did tell us is that Noah appears to be seeing things, but how well is still up in the air. His eyes appear to be formed fine, and the optic nerve is normal. However....this was never really my concern. I have always been able to tell that he sees. I am just unsure about how he uses that information once it makes its way into his brain.

One of the several spots found on his MRI was in the optical processing center of the brain. One of the larger spots to my understanding. This has raised concerns about his vision processing and if he is able to realize that his sight is actually a way to take in his environment. However, it is really hard to get a 10 week old baby to tell you how well he sees. I will say this though, Noah seems to see follow things visually far better in the past week than he ever has. And I also discovered that if we are in a dark room and use something that lights up he follows it perfectly. So it could be nothing but over precaution but in Noah's case i would rather err on the side of caution. This sort of goes along with one of the suggestions that the doctor made as well. He suggested that we find something with a red light and encourage Noah to follow it with his eyes and head. Apparently boy's vision develops slower and he is right on par for the course as of now. And red being the lowest on the visual spectrum is a good color for him to focus on.

He is scheduled for a 9 month appointment later in the year where they will try some "tricks" to get a better idea of how well he is actually seeing. For now though, we will just have to believe that no news is good news.


  1. He's a little doll. :)

  2. Now, in this photo (which is quite adorable) Noah is looking straight at the camera and reacting quite actively with his facial and nouth expressions. He seems quite adept with his reaction. maybe he just meeds more time for it all to come together. You as parents are doing all you can and I want for you to ENJOY him in between those dr. appointments.

  3. Sounds very incouraging. This is a really cute photo, he's adorable.

  4. Wow, 9 mos. already~he looks wonderful! And, he already has an eye for the camera, def a good sign...

  5. thanks for the update and keeping us posted. Sounds good to me. what a cute little boy you have.

  6. He looks pretty active and visual in that photo


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