Wednesday, April 25, 2012

6 Months...and then some

I have been really bad about posting here about Noah's ordeal. This by no means is a sign that he is "better" or that he is any worse. Only that i have just been to busy to spend any time to write about him! But i will try to make more time in the coming weeks.

Noah is still receiving therapy Three times a week. While when we first started this schedule his progress was rapid, this period has passed. His progress is slowing and we are starting to get a clearer view of what his limitations and hurdles may be. Nothing is set in stone by any means, but the picture is a little clearer. 

Noah has trouble with his right arm and hand still. He holds it open FAR more than he once did. and seems to have limited control of his hand for grasping and holding objects. But he definitely realizes this lack and favors his left side greatly. Even if he grabs something with his right hand he almost immediately passes it to his left hand. We are working with him on this but in time it seems restraining his dominant side and forcing him to use his weak side may be the way to go. On the bright side, he seems to be good with his left hand so maybe he was meant to be a lefty anyway! 

Noah is also having issues with sitting and his general balance. You see his "trunk" is just too weak. Coupled with a tendency to arch his back makes sitting alone nearly impossible for him at this time. He is getting better. But the progress is slow and can be frustrating for him and us alike. 

Also it seems that his speech might not be on track, he really only uses one syllable still, however this might just be me over analyzing everything. But I would rather notice early and get him the proper therapy than let something go too long and be harder to correct. We have already spoken to his doctors about this and they are prepared if this becomes an issue in the future. Speech issues are common with Noah's type of injury, so this would not be unexpected. 

Despite the gloomy list I just put fourth, Noah is a happy loving baby most of the time. He LOVES to play and smiles constantly. He laughs (his own brand of laugh...) all the time and we have a blast just playing with him all day. Best part is, most of his exercises are really just play time, at least in his eyes. Speaking of his eyes, his vision is no longer a concern at all. He follows and finds people with ease. I even find him following cars as the drive down our road. So one worry can be checked off the list at least. 

While I am glad we are slowly seeing more of what Noah will be dealing with for the rest of his life, it also hurts more and more as the "best case" outcome fantasies fade away and are replaced with a less than perfect reality. But if all of this has taught me anything it is to never expect the best, hell...don't expect the average. None of us are guaranteed a "normal" life. We get what we get, and make what we can of it. Noah may never be "normal" but I will be damned before I give up on giving him the best life I can.
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