Saturday, July 21, 2012

Noah At 9 Months - Slow and steady

Noah is now a little more than 9 months old. He is turning out to be quite the little character. He loves to play and laughs all the time. Maybe a little too much...We have basically been spoiling the little guy since he came home and it is starting to show. He doesn't like to be left alone and typically only falls asleep if he is with us or at least within sight. The problem with this is I don't even want to break him of these habits. It's not just Noah that wants to cuddle all the time. It is mommy and daddy too! I think having such a scare at the beginning has made us a little more clingy than we might have otherwise been with him. But this wasn't the point in this post.

Noah has been progressing in some ways and stagnant in others. I guess I will start with the bad news:

His weight gain is still very low. Noah still only weighs just under 18 pounds. Meaning he only gained about a  pound in the last two months. After they told us he was underweight back then...He is also still not growing in terms of his head circumference at a rate that we would like to see. Which can be an issue because head circumference is a pretty accurate indicator of brain growth. But as of yet he is showing no real signs (that i can see or that have been pointed out) of a slowed cognitive development. He is very social and very aware of his surroundings. He seems to catch on to new games quickly and is starting to mimic me when i make certain noises at him. So for now my fears are at bay concerning his cognitive abilities.

On a more positive note, Noah is rolling all over the place and pulling his legs underneath himself in a near crawling position. However he still lacks the upper body strength to lift himself on his arms to really crawl. But the motivation is definitely there, and in time the motor skills will catch up. His therapists seem happy with his progress and they also all seem to enjoy working with him. He is such a happy little guy.

Sitting is still a struggle but he is getting better and better at it. he can sometimes sit by himself now but only if we are there to catch him when he extends his back and falls over. His balance issues wont be going away overnight, but he does seem to be learning more and more how to control himself. So any progress is good in my eyes.

Overall, Noah is doing great. And we couldn't be happier with his progress and how well he seems to take all the therapy and exercise. He is convinced that all of this is fun rather than work. And you know what? with him everything is fun!
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