Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Noah At 11 Months

I have been horrible about posting to this blog. Things have been so busy in our lives these past two months it is hard to believe that they actually fit into the last 60 days.

Noah is doing well. Especially well in the last couple weeks. It seems that he hit a point in his cognitive development where a new understanding of the world has opened up to him. He is talking more and more. Still babbles and whatnot, but a few things are starting to seem like real language. He seems to say "hi" in return sometimes. Well its more of "hyahhhhh" but it is placed properly when greeting him. He also is starting to mimic some actions when prompted. Such as patting his hand on a surface, shaking his head, saying "mama" and a few other things. He even tried to clap today when we praised him. Most of these things surfaced in the last week or two alone. So while he is a little behind on some of the cognitive milestones, it doesn't seem to be so far that we should be very worried.

On the physical front: Therapy continues, 4 days a week...he seems to tolerate it well though most days and actually enjoys it as if it were play time. His sitting is still not improving. He just cant seem to balance himself, or see the need to stop himself from falling. His muscles are still very tight. Most notably in his right arm and hand as his left leg and foot (the criss-cross pattern returns!) Oh and did I mention HES CRAWLING!!  (Video)

His doctors said there was a good chance that Noah would never crawl in a conventional way. Well Noah didn't agree with that. and in the past few weeks he has gone from his first shaky movements to motoring across the living room to even trying to pull himself up on things. He lacks the arm strength to really get up there, but the will is there and if I know Noah, the way will follow soon.

Soon we will be evaluating him for Botox injections to help with his tone. If they decide it is a good option we will also have an MRI done while he is sedated to see how his brain is "rewiring." Not that it could really tell us much, but just for a information value it would be interesting to see.

As far as growth, Noah is still not tipping many scales. He is very slowly gaining weight which is an improvement over his loss at a previous weigh in. We are adding butter to his meals and doing all we can but we just cant get him to gain the proper weight. But if we can keep him gaining we are at least making progress.

Overall, Noah is amazing us every day. We still have our challenges but I am more hopeful now than ever that Noah will overcome whatever is thrown in his way. 

Oh, one more thing, Come vote for Noah in the Gerber photo contest! we only have one more week to vote and I think we might have a chance still!


  1. thanks for the update, glad to hear he is doing good.

  2. That boy sure has one amazingly sweet smile! Thanks so much for sharing your story. It's great to hear about the progress Noah is making! If you ever need medical or legal advice, or just want to get involved with the CP community, check out Cerebral Palsy Family Network. It has tons of useful resources for all those affected by CP!


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