Thursday, December 6, 2012

Big Day For Noah

Noah was one busy little guy yesterday. And by extension so were mom and dad.
Not long after we got up for the day. Noah and Mom went to therapy at the hospital just down the street, nothing special there. considering he is there 3 times a week. But then after a quick nap and meal it was time to work out again because Early On stopped by to do a little more therapy. Noah did great at both sessions, in fact he did VERY well with early on. He is making progress on standing, though his balance is still an area of great concern.
Not only did Noah have physical therapy twice in under 4 hours, there was more. Right after early on finished up we suited up the little one and drove off to Ann Arbor. Noah had an appointment with his constantly overbooked neurologist. (usually booked a year in advance.) After a long wait in the clinic we pretty much just answered some questions and she did a quick evaluation of Noah and suggested that we continue our current schedule of therapy and treatments. She did mention that his cognitive and social skills are a bit behind, But not drastically. He is around the 9 month milestones rather than the 12, but considering the time it took his brain to "rewire" around the damaged areas it isnt too alarming. And really, most of his areas of concern can be traced back to a physical disability rather than a seeming mental problem. So that is always good news. 
It sounds pretty sure that Noah will be getting leg braces in the near future to help with is foot placement while standing, and probably  not long after that he will get another set that allows his foot to move when he starts learning to walk. 
So there was no real big news on this big day. But another positive marker in his progress. 

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