Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Noah at 15 Months: Progress But Still A Struggle

It has been far too long since I posted about Noah's progress, so here we go.

Noah has been doing well. His cognitive abilities seem right on track, I even think he may be a bit ahead of average in that area. He is learning new games and figuring things out daily. He is great at figuring out new toys, and imitating us more and more (kisses!). But as with any child with a disability like Cerebral Palsy, there will always be areas of concern. Here's a quick update on where we are today.


Noah still cannot sit by himself, well...fully. He can sit but lacks the balance to maintain a sitting position. This accompanied with the fact that he doesn't try to catch himself when he does inevitably fall makes things interesting. I am just dreading that first E.R. visit that i'm sure will happen.


Noah's speech is still a concern. He babbles, but lacks many of the sounds he should be making by now. Which is not uncommon with Cerebral palsy. Considering that the tongue is a muscle, it's not that hard to understand why. As with most of his issues this appears to be due to a physical problem rather than a cognitive problem. We will be starting speech therapy soon, just not sure when yet. Hopefully that will help.

Standing / Walking

Considering he is not sitting, standing and walking are still a ways down the line. He will try to pull himself to standing, and with a little guidance can get up and stand when supported. But he gets himself so excited that he ends of going into extension and falling over. I have started to notice serious frustrations when he is trying to do something like pull to stand but his arm or leg prevents him. This will probably only get harder to watch and deal with as he gets older and starts to ask why he has these challenges. Noah will be getting his first leg braces early next month. They are to help with his ankles more than anything. These will help him on the path to standing and eventually walking.

Growth and Development

However despite all of these issues our area of most concern is his weight gain. As I have mentioned before, he just isn't gaining enough weight. And this problem has only gotten worse since my last update. He has grown a full 3 inches since then, but gained basically NO weight.

So now we are on a diet of high fat, high calorie foods. Cheeses, ice cream, carnation instant breakfast in his milk, and so on. We need to pump some calories into this kid but he just wont eat. And its not that he doesn't like food, its that he just wont eat much. And when hes done...HE'S DONE. he will smack the spoon away, throw the food on the floor (good thing we have dogs!) whatever it takes to get it away from him. If his weight doesn't increase in the next couple weeks we will have to meet with a nutritionist to discuss other options. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that.

Overall Noah is a happy little guy with a pile of problems that just won't go away. I know he will do great in life, but i just want him to have the best shot possible so we are going to therapy 4 times a week and soon to be 5 once speech is added in. But he trudges forward despite all of his issues. He's a little champ...here's hoping he can catch a break sometime soon.


  1. At 15 months many toddlers get picky and don't seem to eat much as they lose their baby fat, so I wouldn't get super worried about that aspect. It's important that he get good nutrition, though.
    Noah (and you as parents) have many challenges ahead, but the rewards will be worth it. :)

  2. Thanks for the update, appreciate it. Here is hoping that the eating picks up so he can gain some weight. I am sure you will reach a point and you will be wishing he didn't want food all the time. good luck.


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